Self Stirring Mug


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  • 😅 Now no longer have to worry about getting to the bottom of your hot chocolate or soup and finding thick remnant goop!
  • 🙌 The easiest way to mix hot or cold drinks!
  • 👌 Quickly blends beverages without the effort of shaking or stirring.
  • 🏡 Great for the office, car, travel, home & more.
  • ✅ Mug can be used as a normal cup for drinking if you do not need a stirring function

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Save your time and free your hands; modern & smart coffee mug is all you need.

It is very suitable for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, protein shakes, lemonade, broth, and many other lightly mixed beverages that can be stirred.

self stirring coffee mug

No need to connect to the power source

Just install two batteries to use it. You can take it to any place to use it.

self stirring coffee mug

Super easy to use

Press a button to start automatic stirring. Press again to stop stirring.

self stirring coffee mug

Easy to clean

When stirring, there is no residue at the bottom of the coffee cup. So it’s easy for us to clean it, we clean it with water.

High-quality smart design

The coffee cup material is selected from high-quality stainless steel, with a plastic cover, clean and hygienic, can withstand high temperatures, wear-resistant and durable.

press the automatic stirring button on the cup

Your automatic mixing cup in action 👇

Product Features

self stirring coffee mug

Weight: 280g
Capacity: 380ml
Battery: Two AAA Batteries(not included)

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Customer Reviews

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Noielle Watson

Very powerful spinner. Easy to clean. Girlfriend said “changed the hot chocolate game forever”

Dora Ford

Okay, let's be real, I know I could use a spoon or a stir straw but honestly, they don't do the job. I recently took up drinking Golden Milk ( Tumeric, Ginger, Black pepper, and hot milk) to fight inflammation and to relax before bed. The Tumeric turns into sludge in the bottom of any mug except this mug. Push the button and a delightful mini whirlpool brings the golden milk back to a well-balanced drink. Zero sludge! If you have a hot drink that leaves a deposit on the bottom of your mug time to level up and buy one of these. My parents are getting them for Christmas this year for their homemade Hot Chocolate.

Lucia Sanchez

Got one for myself, as I am a teacher for Littles. No time to stir- let alone find spoons! Great product! The magnet is strong, so the "pill" doesn't float around nor becomes loose.

Lorena Hopkins

I bought this as a gift for my husband. We are a military family so moving is a constant in our lives. We also enjoy hot beverages, whether that be hot chocolate, coffees, tea- you name it!

Denise Graham

I use this all day everyday, I love this cup. If my house was on fire I would save this cup.


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